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Honor, Excellence, Integrity & Protection

 Security Provided by Certified Law Enforcement  & Military Officials.

Armed, Unarmed, Certified law Enforcement or Conventional Security Personnel, Uniformed or  Plain Clothes Officers,  Temporary or Long Term Coverage-Tailored to Your Needs.            


Whether you need Armed, Unarmed,  Certified Law Enforcement or Conventional Security Personnel,  Uniformed or  Plain Clothes Officers,  Temporary or Long Term Coverage, Blue Line Security tailors your security to your specific need.

It only takes seconds to lose a lifetime of investment. With the challenges of today’s volatile political, social, atmospheric and economic environment, it’s essential to engage a private security firm that can adapt, while vigilantly protecting your business, family, personnel and brand. 

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A Property Crime every                 4 seconds

A Burglary every                              20 seconds

A Larceny-Theft every                   5 seconds

A Vehicle Theft every                    44 seconds


A Violent Crime every                    26 seconds

A Robbery every                              2 minutes

Criminals caught                             38%

Average 911 Response                  11 minutes

the blue line advantage

Property crimes, theft, burglary, 2015

At Blue Line Security, our commitment to  Excellence and Reliability is combined with our client’s fundamental values to deliver exceptional  protective services.

We advise and assist companies, authorities and nonprofit organizations, as well as high profile private individuals in avoiding and eliminating risks and threats.  With over 100 years of cumulative experience in law enforcement and the military, you experience unrivaled security and protection.

*Property Crimes 2015.   Click here

Our Services

Beyond Your Typical Security Service



Our security experts work with you to identify risks and vulnerability, and develop risk and threat profiles.  We then create a strategic approach to deter threats and minimize loss, thus, improving your overall site security.

CCTV Camera

elite security

Our team’s diverse backgrounds and expertise enable them to operate in areas above and beyond typical security services. Backgrounds range from Family Addiction Intervention, Criminal Investigation, Aircraft Operations, Chemical Weapons, Sniper, Domestic Terrorist Resolution,Active Shooter Prevention/Resolution, and more.

Security Surveillance


Successful business owners, public figures and their families are exposed to greater risks and threats.  Tailored to the individual or family’s level of threat, our comprehensive Personal and Estate Protection plan assures your personal security, while minimizing intrusion to privacy. 

Corporate security
Private security
Events Security
Loss Prevention

corporate security

Businesses need a security firm that can adapt and protect their people, property, and brand in a manner that suits their organizations. 

With its decades of  skills, knowledge and expertise,  Blue line offers a full range of discreet,,professional services designed to minimize risk, while maximizing your brand integrity and bottom line. 

CCTV Camera

vip security

Today’s executives, celebrities, athletes, dignitaries, and other high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks, involving a higher level of security planning, coordination and management. 

​Whether the event is an executive meeting,  corporate retreat, concert, parade, or other public event, our safety measures are designed to reduce risk  and increase your protection and mobility.

Security Surveillance

ground & air transportation

 Our officers are experts at eluding and maneuvering through dangerous situations, getting you to safety quickly and efficiently.  You choose the type of transportation that suits you, air (helicopter) or ground, and our professionals get you there promptly and discreetly. 


loss prevention

The primary objective of owning your own business is to maximize your profits  According to the 2017 annual National Retail Security Survey, there is an increase in inventory shrinkage.  An alarming 60 percent of loss was  due to Shoplifting and Employee theft.

.Our  security services help you keep your profits from walking out the door unnoticed. 

CCTV Camera

EMT paramedic

Immediate medical assistance by our exclusive Emergency Medical Technician:   uncharacteristic of security firms, but critical in life altering situations. With Blue Line Security, you are in the best hands possible.

Security Surveillance

armed & unarmed security

Guard services include uniformed standing guard, bodyguard and plain clothes that accommodate your security needs. Every Security officer is certified and must complete a mandated 40 hour course administered by a state certified training facility.



Regular, tailored trainings keep our officers current with safety risks, state laws and general security procedures. We emphasis combining theory lessons with practical exercises; done on site.

Every Security officer is certified and must complete a mandated 40 hour course administered by a state certified training facility.

CCTV Camera

certified officers

Our staff consist of  certified law enforcement officials  and military veterans.  You’re protected by officials of the highest integrity and reliability.

Security Surveillance

tested & proven

Get more security, freedom, and protection you can trust to keep your home and business safe. Blue Line Security is so exceptionally effective, a global corporation that processes Precious Metals in the US trusts them exclusively, to secure their personnel, resources and brand.

Temporary & permanent assignments

  • Disaster Service

  • Driver Escorts

  • Terminations

  • Trade Shows

  • Schools/ government

  • Private Energy & Utilities

  • Financial Institutions

  • Mining

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Retail

  • Weddings

  • Churches

  • Reunions

  • Conventions

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Experience Freedom from Security Concerns

The Security Guard Service that's dependable, affordable, and tailored to your needs,

Running a business is a no small job.  Let us do what we do best, freeing you to focus on what you do best.  

Contact us today and get started on your way to more security, more freedom, and more peace of mind!

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