Eagle Scholarship

A Scholarship that Provides Financial Support to Young Ministers Applying for the CAMS Program

What is CAMS?

Tennessee Program

The credentialing of Church of God ministers is a formation process. In this process, the church denomination partners with individuals in order to help them develop the abilities to fulfill their divine call and place of ministry.

Calling And Ministry Studies (CAMS) helps the applicants determine if they are called to clergy ministry, as well as providing knowledge about ministry.

There are two sections in CAMS - seminars and individual study. The three seminars, which are attended by both the applicants and their spouses, provide tools so that the applicants can identify if they are called to clergy ministry. The seminars also offer an explanation of ministry.

The individual study for applicants includes three activities:

  1. Conducting personal devotions about calling and ministry.

  2. Completing three training courses.

  3. Writing papers about their calling and understanding of ministry. 

The spouses will attend the three seminars and will write the papers about their calling and understanding of ministry.

If people are interested in enrolling in CAMS, they are to talk with their pastor. The pastor will contact the state office for the application.


What is the Eagle Scholarship?

The Eagle Scholarship has been established in honor of Dr. Ottis Ball


Dr. Ottis Ball


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Radie Ball

Rhonda B. Myers

Reggie & Diane Ball

Dr. Ball is a retired Ordained Bishop with the Church of God, who has been involved with the CAMS Program for  over  10 years.   The scholarship program was founded by Dr. Balls' wife, Radie Ball,  and two children;

Rhonda B. Myers, and Reggie Ball. 

It is our desire to provide some financial support to young ministers by way of a scholarship.

We believe that this will make a difference in the lives of the upcoming ministers.



Getting Here:

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