Who may apply and when?

Anyone registered for the Tennessee CAMS Program may apply at the time of registration. A three-member board will review the applications by using a pre-determined rubric to score and rank. Scholarships will be awarded based on the application ranking.

How much can I expect from the Scholarship?

Each scholarship will be for $500.00. The number of scholarships given each year will depend upon the amount of money raised each year.

What should I expect if I'm awarded a Scholarship?

If you are awarded a scholarship, a check will be written to CAMS to assist with your cost of the program. If your cost is less than $500.00, the remainder of the scholarship will be given to you to help defray expenses such as traveling cost.


Getting Here:

We appreciate your interest in this scholarship. Please  apply now.   Click here.


Gale Hodge



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